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Kickboxing Classes in Silver Spring, MD

A family-owned Karate studio in Silver Spring, MD

Kickboxing is the ultimate workout. You will get a great cardiovascular workout through the 50-minute routine of kicking and punching on the bag. It is very difficult to get this kind of cardiovascular workout on your own, through jogging or biking. We will push you in a friendly manner. During a typical kickboxing session, you will perform various kicking and punching routines with classmates designed to improve your conditioning and flexibility. You will be amazed at your improved fitness, which will also improve your overall figure or physique.

Kickboxing also greatly improves your core. We will strengthen your abdominal muscles through both direct stomach exercises as well as a kicking and punching routine. As you kick and punch, you are forced to use your abdominal muscles, which have often been neglected due to our sedentary lifestyle. As your core strengthens, you will also improve your back support, and perhaps alleviate over time back pain.

Also, kickboxing can be a lot of fun. You work out with music helping to motivate you to work hard. You will also get a chance to work out with others and build camaraderie. Come try our kickboxing program; you will become addicted to the workout.