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Karate Classes in Silver Spring, MD


Mini Ninja ‘n Me (3 – 4 year olds)

Our 3 and 4-year-old students are sometimes apprehensive in their very first karate classes. Many students at this age have never received instruction from anyone other than parents so it may take a couple of visits before they feel comfortable enough to participate. The highest percentage of students to reach black belt start at age 3 or 4. Actually, authentic ninja training started at this age.

We encourage parents to participate with their children in the karate classes to alleviate any initial anxiety, plus parents enjoy the fitness and fun associated with doing an activity with their children. Parents take the class for free with this age group and can stop whenever their children are ready to train without them. At Victory Karate children extend their ability to focus and sharpen their minds to learn more effectively.  When these children overcome their original fear of trying classes, find that they are encouraged because of their efforts, and as they notice their own progress, they start to develop self-confidence. The coordination and fitness students gain will help them in any physical activity that they do for the rest of their lives. As children progress through their colored belts, which is a unique reward system found only in martial arts, they learn the value of setting goals and get used to working hard to achieve those goals.  Victory Karate instills many positive attributes that a child can benefit from and the earlier a child starts the sooner they can begin taking advantage of these valuable life skills.

Tiny Tigers (5 – 7 year olds)

Victory Karate separates karate classes in order to meet the specific needs of each age group.  Our 5 through 7-year-old Tiny Tigers are early elementary grade students who need the discipline to perform well in school and behave properly at home. As our students progress, they develop self-confidence and respect for others.  

Our fun, vigorous karate classes allow Tiny Tigers to work off their energy in an exciting, rewarding activity. At an age where children are usually introduced to computer games, our Tiny Tigers perform physical feats and progress through the challenging belt system.  As such, these young students learn the value of working hard in order to achieve one’s goals.  Victory Karate’s emphasis is on overall achievement. We stress discipline and achievement (both in karate and school), as well as proper behavior at home. Parents will be active in the Tiny Tiger’s journey. Victory Karate means being victorious by conquering our faults and accentuating our attributes to build wonderful, young martial artists. Come see the joy your child will have learning martial arts at Victory Karate.

Children Karate Class (8 – 12 year olds)

Our children’s karate classes are where kids are groomed to become martial artists.  You will be amazed at how much your child can accomplish.

In a typical karate class, instructors first need to transition kids from the playground to a martial arts class. We do this in a nurturing way that is thrilling for kids. Once we have a child’s full attention, we can teach skills, such as stances (front, back, and horse stances), blocks (low, middle, and high), kicks (front, round, side, axe, etc.), and forms. Kids will gain passion for the discipline by learning these skills. Kids will also dedicate themselves to learning the requisite skills to obtain the next belt. Belt ceremonies are very meaningful for kids and adults.

As kids learn the motions, there is a self-reinforcing loop, whereby kids start to view themselves as martial artists. Obtaining the next level belt helps kids build confidence and resilience to stay with the program

Kids will accomplish a great deal in our karate classes, but they will also have fun playing games, such as dodgeball, Sensei says, etc. We mix recreation with skill development, so your child will come home exhilarated.

Teen and Adult Karate Classes (13 years and older)

Our teen and adult karate classes feature a mixture of flexibility and physical fitness exercises as well as technical martial arts training. Classes typically begin with some cardiovascular work, followed by extensive stretching, and exercises meant to strength the core and upper body. We then move on to the skills and curriculum for the particular belt test.

The curriculum is designed to meet the pending belt requirement. Thus, if students will be testing for the next level belt (e.g. yellow or green) then they must demonstrate the skills we expect them to have at that belt level. These skills include stances (front, back, and horse stances), blocks (low, middle, and high), kicks (front, round, side, axe, etc.), and forms. In each class, we review the requisite skills for the particular belt test. As the belt test nears, students are asked to demonstrate the skills, so they will succeed in their belt test.

Our karate classes will be divided between teens and adults as well as by level. We do this so we can work with adults on their particular concerns, such as flexibility. We would then work with the teens on other skills that are more suitable for their age group.

The result of each class is a challenging, exhilarating workout. Come prepared to sweat and have fun.