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Martial Arts Blog

The Martial Arts blog has the latest news and insights from Victory Karate, a martial arts and karate studio in Silver Spring, MD.

Why Learn Sparring?

Victory Karate in Silver Spring, Maryland is one of the few martial arts schools that teaches sparring as part of the curriculum for kids and adults.  Why do we emphasize sparring and what is the secret to our success? First, concerns over sparring are very common. ...

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Why Do We Learn Forms?

Forms, or kata in Japanese, are a simulated, sequence of moves designed to develop the basic martial arts movements.  Forms help students work on the key stances (e.g. front, back, and horse stance) and blocks (e.g. low, high and middle block).  Perhaps, most...

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7 Benefits of Karate

Karate for Adults vs. Karate for Kids Karate is a Japanese form of martial arts that uses hands and feet for self-defense. There are many benefits to karate that include A safe place to release energy An opportunity to achieve through the belt system Enhanced physical...

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