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Experience the Magic of Karate!

New Karate classes for children starting at the age of 3 and for adults are now forming! Our Karate studio is located at 9332 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring (just inside the beltway) Call 301-585-1900 to schedule your first FREE sample lesson today!

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Karate is a martial arts discipline that improves the overall physical and mental well-being of children and adults alike.

Victory Karate programs are specially designed to enhance physical fitness, discipline, and resilience for all participants. Our classes will help your child gain confidence, discipline, and other life skills in an EXCITING, safe environment.  Our caring instructors will work with you to identify and accomplish the goals of all family members.

Mini Ninja ‘n Me Karate Classes

(3 to 4-year-olds)

Our youngest karate students are usually apprehensive at first. Many students at this age have never received instruction from anyone other than parents so it may take a couple of visits before they feel comfortable enough to participate.

Tiny Tigers Karate Classes

(5 to 7-year-olds)

Victory Karate separates classes in order to meet the specific needs of each age group. Our 5 to 7-year-old Tiny Tigers Karate students are early elementary students who gain the discipline to perform well in school and behave properly at home.

Children Class Karate Classes

(8 to 12-year-olds)

Our children’s class is where kids are groomed to become martial artists.  You will be amazed at how much your child can accomplish in our karate classes.

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Teen and Adult Karate Classes

(13 years and older)

Our teen and adult classes feature a mixture of flexibility and physical fitness exercises as well as technical martial arts training. 

From our inbox:

“I had to give up running due to joint pain and a bad hip. After doing karate for roughly a year,
I started to run again. While karate didn’t make my joint pain go away, it helped to strengthen
my hips so that I could to do many of the activities that I had previously given up.”

— R.S., Cabin John, MD

From our inbox:

“Mr A.’s hard work and positive disposition make him an outstanding role model for our family.”

Fitness Classes and Birthday Parties

Victory Karate offers “Kick Fit” aerobics classes, Tai Chi and yoga classes that adults love. We also host birthday parties.

Please call 301-585-1900 for more information about our classes or to plan your next event.

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